Help shape education for responsible management

What if you could zip back in time to restart your education and career today? What field would you choose to study? And in what type of organization would you like to start your career? These were questions I asked myself earlier this year, after a week of teaching a course on responsible management at the UN University for Peace in Costa Rica.

Defining responsible management

Responsible Management course group photo Costa Rica February 2019

Teaching this class of master students from around the world was such a joy! Nyenrode professor André Nijhof shared academic frameworks and theories on responsible management. And I shared examples from my consulting work for companies, NGOs and government entities.

We’re now preparing the course content for 2020. Which makes me ask myself – and you: what defines responsible management? Which articles and cases could best support master students for a career in sustainable development?

  • Personal leadership is where it all starts, Who are your favorite examples of young (and not so young) leaders leading change around the world?
  • The SDGs will be five years old by then. What are your favorite reads on the progress towards and the barriers faced (and overcome) along the way?
  • Collaboration and stakeholder dialogue are key. What are your favorite examples of partnership for positive change?
  • Change management and transitions guide people and organizations towards a more sustainable course. What are your favorite frameworks and examples on leading change?

Return for the future

And if I could zip back in time? I can’t imagine my life without the friends, network, and knowledge I built through Nyenrode business university. Yet I would probably get an undergraduate degree in chemistry or environmental science before getting an MBA. On the work front, I would not change much. Starting my career at a small consultancy firm, followed by years at FMCG powerhouse Procter & Gamble taught me so much – I’d do that all again!

And you? What would you study and, consequently, where would you work?


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