It’s the year for positive change

2016 calendarWelcome to your new year! 2016 isn’t just any year, it’s the first year where governments, business, communities and people like you and me start to act on the historic COP21 agreement reached in Paris to fight climate change. We’ll all need to work together to unleash action towards a sustainable future.


With more focus and blogs 

be-an-agent-of-positive-changeEvery year, between Christmas and New Year’s, I lock myself up to review the past year and to look ahead and set my focus and goals for the new year ahead.
My focus for 2016 is to be a catalyst for positive change and I have set my personal and professional goals through this lens. So often, sustainability is framed as something threatening, daunting, costly or boring, yet I’m convinced it can also be all about opportunity, innovation, prosperity and more. One of my 2016 commitments is to blog more frequently about sustainability as a driver of positive change: continuing the interviews with inspiring people I meet, stepping up reviews of relevant books I read and posting other blogs about positive change.


And an extra day to collaborate

extra dayAs 2016 is a leap year, there’s even an extra day to create positive change! I haven’t decided what to do with that extra day just yet. Until the end of January 2016, I am open for your suggestions on how to make best use of that extra day – let’s collaborate for positive change! Could your project use a day of my support? Do you have idea you’d like to work on together? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.


What positive change will you be driving? What is your theme for 2016? How can we collaborate to make a difference on that extra day? And of course, suggestions for books to review, people to interview and other ideas are also very welcome.


Have a great year – whatever your focus will be!

Marjolein Baghuis





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