Through projects and other services, Change in Context supports companies and other organizations to deal with change. And to drive change in a way that benefits both your company and society. It’s a platform that inspires positive change and a sustainable future through projects, blogs, and speaking engagements. Change in Context is your catalyst for positive change.


Change is the new business reality as the world around us is transforming continuously. Societal challenges like climate change, resource scarcity, and demographic shifts provide both threats and opportunities for people and organizations operating in this new normal of change. In this new context, people also have different expectations and needs from the organizations around them. The organizations most capable of adapting to change and meeting the evolving needs and expectations will win.

cic-strategyIncreasingly, organizations are integrating sustainability into the overall business strategy, but that’s easier said than done. Change in Context supports organizations on this journey with various services:

  • Purpose: defining a clear why or purpose for an organization, team or brand, through a collaborative process with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Focus: defining what the key, material issues are to thrive in the future, in a process involving senior management as well as external parties.
  • Research: discovering what similar organizations are doing already to benchmark and further develop your own approach.
  • Challenge: constructive feedback on how to further integrate sustainability into strategy and teamwork, based on international insights across companies and industries.


cic-communicationsChange can only happen when many people are on board, hence a need to communicate clearly in a way that motivates others to co-create and join the change. Change in Context offers different services to support organizations:

  • Employee engagement: mobilizing and motivating your staff – in one place or around the world – to make change happen.
  • Stakeholder engagement: facilitating collaboration with relevant people (up to C-suite) and partners in your organization’s ecosystem to create mutual understanding and respect to make positive change happen.
  • Consumer engagement: energizing your consumers with interesting, relevant stories, making it easy for them to join the positive change you want to create.
  • Sustainability and integrated reporting: helping to create a report that is transparent, balanced and focused, through a reporting process that helps create strategic focus and clarity.


cic-inspirationSome people are intrinsically motivated to drive change for a more sustainable future. Others may need a nudge, a story, examples or handholding to get started – or to keep going. Change in Context’s Marjolein Baghuis inspires change as:

  • Lecturer: teaching graduate and executive students at Nyenrode Business University.
  • Coach: supporting (sustainability) leaders in an organization to maximize their impact in driving change.
  • Speaker/moderator: energizing an audience or a panel through in-depth sustainability insight and positive energy.
  • Event organizer: setting up events big and small to inspire people through stories and cases.
  • Blogger: sharing interviews with sustainable change-makers, book reviews, event reports and more.


Cases with client testimonial are available from Dutch award-winning social enterprise Tony’s Chocolonely (challenge and reporting) and big data tech start-up eRevalue (focus and employee engagement). Further clients include Unilever, Heineken, VBDO (Dutch sustainable investment forum), WWF Netherlands and Nyenrode Business University.


Do you have a project or an idea that could use a catalyst for positive change? Please contact Marjolein Baghuis by mail ( or phone (+31-6-12965895). I look forward to exploring your challenges and opportunities for change with you.

For more information on Change in Context’s founder Marjolein Baghuis, visit the About Marjolein Baghuis page.