Sustainability plays a vital role in the long-term success of any organization. Challenges like climate change, resource scarcity, and demographic shifts are shaping today’s world. Companies and other organizations must adapt to remain competitive and meet the evolving needs and expectations of society. Change in Context specializes in assisting organizations in setting and achieving sustainability goals within this rapidly changing context. 

CSRD Kickstarter

The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) intends to improve corporate performance in sustainability. It applies to most European companies with over 250 employees and/or €40 million in annual revenues. Change in Context can help you assess your organization’s preparedness to meet the requirements. And to help you use it as a strategic catalyst for change beyond reporting.

Our CSRD Kickstarter creates insights into the steps necessary to progress toward the CSRD requirements. Through a series of interactive workshops, we’ll first establish your ambition and assess your current sustainability status. With your multidisciplinary team, we’ll then develop a roadmap to bridge the gap between your ambition and the current status, with clear timelines and engaged owners.

Materiality Matters

Sustainability provides both opportunities and risks for companies. However, these are not the same for every company. A materiality analysis helps identify which sustainability topics are most relevant to your specific circumstances.

Our Materiality Matters approach assists in determining the focus of your sustainability strategy. Additionally, it generates insights into the interests of your key stakeholders and it promotes senior management engagement and alignment. Together we’ll determine the most (cost) effective way to deliver each step: desk research, stakeholder engagement, analysis, and management alignment.

Strategy Cocreation Journey

Whether your ambition is to contribute to a better future and future-proof your company or to meet customer and legal requirements, you need a focused sustainability strategy to achieve tangible results.

At the end of our Strategy Cocreation Journey, you’ll have a shared vision of your organization’s sustainability ambitions and priorities. The strategy will offer a roadmap with targets, timelines, KPIs, and clear ownership for each priority topic. The interactive cocreation process ensures ownership and engagement throughout your organization and also establishes a forward-looking monitoring and governance cycle.

Strategy Implementation Support

Even the most robust strategies sometimes fall short of delivering desired results. Challenges such as competing tasks, lack of awareness among new employees, or middle management resistance to change can hinder progress. In such cases, you may need support to drive behavioral change and ensure you meet your sustainability targets.

Our Strategy Implementation Support employs behavioral insights to understand the barriers and resistance holding back progress. We then design interventions for positive change, like internal communications, adjustment of support mechanisms, and training to overcome these obstacles and facilitate progress toward your sustainability goals.

Photocredits: Pixabay, Supushpitha Atapattu, Klub Boks