Positive change is hardly ever brought about by just one person. It requires partnership, vision and hard work by many people. That’s why Marjolein Baghuis involves inspiring, talented people as Change in Context partners.


the-terrace-foundersThe Terrace is an agency for positive change, set up by Leontine Gast and Pierre Hupperts. Their passion is to show clients and the world the positive side of business. They help to conquer the world’s biggest challenges by starting positive today. They create positive change for sectors, business and brands, using purpose as the tool to unleash the power within.

In 2015, Marjolein and Leontine co-created a successful event for the Dutch marketing association NIMA. “Winning by Giving” inspired over 100 people to consider how their brand creates value shared by society and themselves. Marjolein and The Terrace are working together, with focus reporting and accountability. Read more about The Terrace on their website.



NelmaraNelmara Arbex is an expert on business and sustainability. Her company provides services and knowledge to support responsible companies and decision-makers in a rapidly changing context, to help them become proactive co-architects of a sustainable future. Her services focus on areas such as resilience, trend mapping and envisioning the future.

Marjolein and Nelmara worked together at the Global Reporting Initiative, partnering for the development of GRI’s G4 Guidelines from 2010 till 2013. Since then, they have kept in touch on the topics of accountability and integrating sustainability into strategy and governance. Read more about Nelmara’s work and interests on her website.



joost @TEDJoost Wouters is an inspiring coach, speaker, shaper of future-proof organizations and explorer of the True North. He strongly believes that we need new thinking in organizations; not as a solution for the past, but as a possibility for an inspiring and sustainable future. This shapes the new context for life, leadership, and organizations. To make organizations future-proof in the new context, he coaches individual leaders and leadership teams.

Marjolein and Joost worked together in the ’90’s at Procter & Gamble, and reconnected in 2015 when discovering a shared passion for the opportunities for business to lead change to a more sustainable economy. Together, they have developed the Teal Tension Scan, to assess the major obstacles to change towards future proof organizations, based on the principles of Frederic Laloux’s Reinventing Organizations. They also partner to teach at Nyenrode Business University on reinventing organizations. Read more about Joost’s work and interests on his website.