Positive change is hardly ever brought about by just one person. It requires partnership, vision and hard work by many people. That’s why Marjolein Baghuis involves inspiring, talented people as Change in Context partners.

TOSCA – Tribe of Sustainability Change Agents

Tosca is a tribe of professionals pooling their knowledge, insights, and experience to jointly contribute to a more sustainable world. As a change agent, Tosca assists organizations in making their products, services, and processes more sustainable. Marjolein and the Tosca tribe regularly collaborate on topics like the CSRD and behavior change. Read more on the TOSCA website

Sustainability University

Sustainability University supports sustainability professionals in their business endeavors. Peers can come together on this platform for (peer-to-peer) learning, training, and applied research. Marjolein is partnering with Sustainability University through training sessions for sustainability and finance professionals. Read more on the  Sustainability University website

Karlijn Mol, Aumento Impact

Karlijn combines her background as an internal change agent with her experience as an external consultant. She helps organizations translate ambitions and ideas into concrete results. She leverages inspiration, connection, and energy to collaborate pragmatically. Marjolein and Karlijn collaborate on projects – and mentor each other to raise the bar. Find out more on Karlijn’s LinkedIn page


YoungProfs empowers the next generation to shape the world of tomorrow. Their young professionals support companies with sustainability challenges. Marjolein is one of the mentors who train and coach these young professionals. This liaison also enables Change in Context to add junior staff for larger projects. Read more on the YoungProfs website