Teaching for positive change

For the fifth consecutive year, I had the opportunity to teach a course on Responsible Management at the University for Peace (UPEACE) in Costa Rica. Here are my learnings from this year in the Responsible Management of Sustainable Economic Development… Continue Reading


Corporate governance for a sustainable future

Picture of Jeroen Veldman

“The debate on corporate governance is often deeply conservative and backward-looking. Yet in the future, companies that orient themselves to engage with an environment that will be significantly affected by systemic risks will fare best. A key aspect of enabling… Continue Reading


Arts resonate to rethink but not resign

Jonas Staal at We Are Warming Up 2022

What is the role of the arts and the cultural sector in the climate crisis? This was the central question for a talk by Jonas Staal, at the 2022 We Are Warming Up Festival in Amsterdam. Or so I thought… Continue Reading


4 ingredients for business as a force for good

“Degrowth is not the solution I see for a more sustainable future. Instead, I really see the companies of the future as a force for good. Companies exist to create value. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is focused on just… Continue Reading


Patagonia’s tips for better business models

“We need to move away from extractive capitalism, which only takes and does not give back to our one and only planet. In some ways, we are like Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar. We’re insatiable in our need to collect… Continue Reading


Enriched in Costa Rica

Group of online and offline students

Teaching in Costa Rica keeps me updated, challenged, refreshed, connected and practiced. Continue Reading


Balancing science with art for sustainable change

Shell representative on stage

“Can we make this analysis more scientific?”, a client asked the other day. And of course, there’s always more data and science that could be used for target-setting and analysis. But data and science aren’t always the best ingredients to… Continue Reading


Sustainable leaders provide perspective

The transition to sustainable energy is central to both his job and his supervisory board role. The difference in scope of these two roles makes it so interesting, says Jan Engels: “In my job as policy manager cooling at the… Continue Reading


Protein revolution barriers and drivers

As the world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, wouldn’t it be great if there’s something we can do to save people and the planet at the same time? The pandemic adds another dimension to the discussion about animal-based protein and… Continue Reading


Saving people and planet begins at breakfast

“We are both the flood and the ark. No one but us will destroy the planet, and no one except us will save it.” Powerful words from Jonathan Safran Foer’s book We are the weather, saving the planet begins at breakfast.… Continue Reading