How does spirituality relate to sustainability?

It was so inspiring to discuss the connection between sustainability and spirituality with youth from all around the planet at the first-ever We Grow Together Community Summer Camp. After the initial surprise about this topic, I was actually glad to be in this breakout group all day.

Spirituality in action

In my life, spirituality shows up as yoga, meditation, and taking time for reflection. All of these practices keep me going, especially when I struggle. As I climb mount sustainability and face resistance, ignorance, and delays. And at other times in my life, I feel these practices really benefit me as well – not just when there’s a struggle! I even integrate it into leadership workshops and interviews – to help people connect with themselves and their drivers on sustainability.

Connecting nations and generations

It turned out that many people in our group do this, or aspire to this regularly. As we went around the group, nearly all of us admitted we could use some help to improve our connections – with ourselves, nature, and others. That’s what sparked an inspiring dialogue on meditation and reflection as critical life skills for all.

Our international, intergenerational nature of the group enriched the discussions and brainstorming results. At the end of the day, we pitched a new service aspiring to help more people reflect and connect – with themselves, non-human nature, and each other. A bit like Headspace, but more focused on connection and sustainability. Grateful that my guest lecturer role at UPEACE led me to this event. And super curious to see how this idea will continue to evolve in the coming months!

How do you connect spirituality and faith to sustainability?

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