About Change in Context

Hi! My name is Marjolein Baghuis. I am a sustainability consultant with over a decade of experience in designing and executing sustainability strategies. In 2013, I founded Change in Context, a consultancy firm that helps organizations set and achieve their sustainability goals. I firmly believe in the potential of sustainability to drive positive change and am passionate about making it accessible to everyone.

My expertise lies in helping to create focused sustainability strategies, aligned with business objectives and societal needs. I use my stakeholder engagement and communication skills to facilitate meaningful conversations about sustainability within and outside organizations. My projects also integrate psychological techniques to encourage sustainable behavior adoption.

Here’s how

I help clients navigate the challenges and opportunities of sustainability in different ways:

  • Cocreate: facilitating interactive workshops to drive commitment and change
  • Connect: strengthening relationships with external and internal stakeholders
  • Coach: helping sustainability professionals accelerate change
  • Commit: joining your team for a project or in an interim role.

Inspiring clients

I am proud to have worked with a diverse range of clients, including Unilever, ASICS, Tony’s Chocolonely, and the Heineken Africa Foundation. I also collaborated with governmental bodies, such as the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and non-profits, including WWF and Cordaid. The Services page, provides more detailed information on the services offered, along with case studies and testimonials.

Clients describe me as future-oriented, knowledgable, professional, enthusiastic and inspiring, constructively critical and supportive, authentic and driven, great to work with, and able to build on what is already there.

In a different context

Beyond my work as a consultant, I am also active in the sustainability community. I chair the Circle for Sustainability within Nyenrode Business University’s alumni organization and was on the board of the regional Amstelland library until 2021. I really enjoy teaching courses on sustainability at the UN-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica and Nyenrode Business Universiteit. As both a speaker and a moderator, I have contributed to numerous conferences and events on sustainability and behavior change. I am the author of several books and articles on sustainability, including a book for non-executive board members.

For more detailed information about my background and experience, visit my LinkedIn profile.

Partners for positive change

As some projects require a larger team, Change in Context has a flexible network of partners to jointly drive positive change. This network includes other consultants as well as researchers, educational experts, copywriters, and creative designers. Find out more here.

Get in touch

Curious how Change in Context can support you on your sustainability journey? Let’s explore this together! Please contact Marjolein Baghuis on (+31) 6 1296 5895 or [email protected]. I look forward to supporting any organization that wants to integrate sustainability into its operations, drive positive change, and create a more sustainable future!

Photo credit: Elizabeth Lanz