The discomfort of directors’ responsibility

A group of 38 Dutch executive and non-executive directors spent nearly two years working together on sustainability in the boardroom. In the program, they identified good practices, virtues, and capabilities required for effective leadership in societal transitions. The outcomes of… Continue Reading


Swapping treason for truth to drive change

In 1927, French writer Julien Benda published The Treason of the Intellectuals. This essay criticized intellectuals for failing to speak out against political tyranny and societal changes for the worse. It urged intellectuals to take responsibility for examining and sharing… Continue Reading


Corporate governance for a sustainable future

Picture of Jeroen Veldman

“The debate on corporate governance is often deeply conservative and backward-looking. Yet in the future, companies that orient themselves to engage with an environment that will be significantly affected by systemic risks will fare best. A key aspect of enabling… Continue Reading