Microbiome mass extinction in your belly

We’re in the midst of a sixth mass extinction – but did you know something similar is happening in our bellies? The current wave of biodiversity reduction is driven by human activity. Primarily the unsustainable use of land, water and energy use, and climate change. Human activity is also at the heart of the reduction in our microbiome. This includes the unsustainable use of antibiotics in people and farm animals, processed foods, and even C-sections.

Exploring the microbiome

The Invisible Extinction tells the story of two dedicated, inspiring scientists (and some of their inspiring peers). In the documentary, they explore the threats and opportunities to restore the unhealthy microbiome inside our bodies. It was a pleasure to meet filmmaker Sarah Schenk and several scientists working in this space at the Dutch premiere.

Biodiversity and microbe diversity

Not my usual topic to post about, but there are quite some similarities to my usual sustainability content. Short-termism, avoiding the externalities, and international differences leading to finger-pointing and opportunities for change. Even the need to rethink what we eat, including switching to plant-based protein. And the passionate scientists putting their heart into driving positive change.

Wishing everyone a healthy microbiome – so you can keep driving positive change for biodiversity and other sustainability topics!

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