A great journey starts with a single step

Many of us are inspired by this beautiful quote by Lao Tse. Sometimes great journeys may be scary at the start, but reminding ourselves that great things do start small helps us get started in the first place.

earth-you-have-humans-qaqgv0In the past years, we’ve all seen (or even experienced) drastic
natural disasters, caused by climate change. Initially, the debate was on whether climate change existed and whether it was influenced by human activities. Increasingly, governments, companies and other parties are now taking action to limit our impact on the planet.

COP21 in Paris

From November 30 to December 11, hundreds of global leaders will meet in Paris at the COP21 conference. The ultimate objective of the conference (and the treaties to be signed there) is to “stabilize greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that will prevent dangerous human interference with the climate system”. Simply said, to keep global warming within the 2°C limit that would have a significant impact on the quality of all of our lives.

In the past weeks, many governments have shared their local plans and commitments to stop climate change. Together, these plans are not yet enough to stay with the 2°C limit, but there seems to be more commitment then ever before. Hopefully, many small steps will add up to bigger strides and lead to real results.

Urgenda’s Climate Miles Movement

To draw attention to the urgent need to act on climate change, Dutch NGO Urgenda is walking from Utrecht, the Netherlands, to the climate conference in Paris, France. Along the 580 kilometer journey, different people will join Urgenda’s director Marjan Minnesma and her team. I will join this Climate Miles movement on November 8 and 9, walking from Antwerp, via Mechelen, to Brussels.

2225341-Life-Love-Quotes-The-Only-Ompossible-JourneyIt’s not too late to join the Climate Miles movement. Take your own steps, big or small, to reduce our impact and make our planet thrive. Join the walk from Utrecht to Paris (to take many steps) and take your own steps to the world we all want.

Written by @mbaghuis. 

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