Brands as activists for a better world

The book I co-authored is out! Thanks to all the people who sent in great cases – and supported me otherwise to see this project through. So what is it all about? An invitation: Dare to Care Do you think… Continue Reading


Activating Corporate Idealists – or Idealizing Corporate Activists?

As various people from my network tweeted about it, I got intrigued and pre-ordered a copy of Christine Bader’s book The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down! I generally read… Continue Reading


Incremental behavior change – does it add up?

I have been so (happily) buried in two projects for Unilever, that I have not written a single blog post in weeks! One of the projects has behavior change at its core – a fascinating topic – so that’s the… Continue Reading


So many books; so little time!

There are so many books about sustainability and embedding it into business. A quick search on Amazon with the combination of sustainability and business yields close to 8000 entries! Instead of sifting through them all, I decided to just venture… Continue Reading


The experiment with women in management

Flashback to 1993: I left immediately after a (French) general manager answered my question about women in management positions. It was a cold day in Chicago as I rode the train back to campus to file a complaint at the… Continue Reading


Applying Kotter’s Leading Change against Climate Change

“Leading Change” by John Kotter, was written in 1995, but its eight step process for leading change in organizations is so clear and useful, that it is no surprise that three versions of it pop up on the first page… Continue Reading