Teaching and speaking for positive change

Change in Context’s Marjolein Baghuis is regularly invited for teaching and speaking engagements on purpose for positive change. Here’s a selection of classes and events:

  • Course on sustainability for supervisory board members within the Erkende Toezichthouder Academy.
  • Executive Summer Course at Nyenrode Business University based on Frederic Laloux’s bestseller “Reinventing organizations”. Marjolein led the section on defining and living purpose at the individual and organizational level.
  • Class for undergraduate students at HZ University of Applied Sciences on purpose-led companies. In this class, we explored how purpose impacts two very different companies very differently: Unilever and Tony’s Chocolonely. We looked at this through the lens of key business drivers like leadership, strategy, employee engagement, trends, and consumers.
  • Panel on sustainability and purpose at the Global Reporting Initiative’s 2016 global conference. Marjolein led a panel with high-level speakers and an audience of sustainability professionals, discussing whether the word sustainability should be replaced with something like purpose.
  • Workshop with members of the supervisory and advisory boards of a local environmental NGO. We defined a new purpose for the organization, based on Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle.
  • Kickoff session at the University of Amsterdam’s first Sustainable Chemistry Bootcamp for PhDs. In this session, we used the power of purpose and Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle to help budding entrepreneurs frame their sustainable chemistry ideas in a more engaging way.
  • Speaker at the Wharton Global Forum on the power of integrating sustainability and purpose into your brand for success.