Changing from product to client focus

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Datamaran is a technology company that helps business executives stay on top of emerging economic, environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. It is a London-based start-up combining tech, big data, and sustainability to drive positive change.

In less than two years, Datamaran grew from four to 28 people. While the initial focus was on developing its innovative, disruptive services, it was time to start working together in a different way to increase focus on client needs. While the development required working within teams to deliver key building blocks of Datamaran, the next phase was all about collaborating to understand and meet clients’ needs at a deeper level. This transition required a shift in each of the teams’ behaviors and focus as they progressed toward the next phase of their company’s development.

Behavior change workshop

erevalue teamChange in Context created and led a half-day workshop for all staff members, that started from everyone’s reasons to join Datamaran. Through a series of short plenary, sub-group, and individual working sessions, we explored personal drivers for inspiration and growth and matched these with the reality of working for a new and fast-growing company. We then went into how these drivers supported or hindered teamwork and discussed ideas on how to leverage these insights and drive behavior change.

At the end of the morning, everyone translated these new insights into a recipe for success for their own and the company’s transition toward the next phase.

Over lunch, Change in Context’s Marjolein Baghuis debriefed Datamaran’s management team to highlight overall findings and offer strategic recommendations about how to further fuel individual growth, collaboration, and behavior change to create more value for and with clients.

Client feedback

Feedback from the participants:

  • This was very actionable. I feel ready for the busy months ahead.
  • In just one morning, I learned a lot about myself, my colleagues, and the reality of working in a fast-growing company. Very helpful.
  • Marjolein’s way of leading the workshop was highly energetic and a lot of fun.

Feedback from Datamaran’s CEO, Marjella Alma:

Marjella-AlmaWe often speak with clients about breaking through internal silos, so it was a natural fit to consider this internally as we evolve as a company. Our data analytics platform was built with a global market of users; clients have been core to development from day one.

As a fast-growing company, we need to continually lean on the diverse expertise of our team in order to take full advantage of the exciting opportunities ahead, to meet and exceed client needs. This workshop helped to bring it all together. It allowed our team to step out of their day-to-day workflow and reflect on the bigger picture – individually and together.

Images courtesy of Datamaran.