Able to reduce plastic in my life – but not completely…

ZeroPlasticWeek¬†2014 is over, so it’s time to look back at my results and learnings. Overall, it was an effective way to make me aware how much plastic is used in our daily lives – and how much of that only… Continue Reading


Can I handle a week without buying plastic?

Today marks the start of Zero Plastic Week – an interesting initiative I found on Facebook. The idea is to not buy any plastic for a week – and of course to use as little plastic as possible during the… Continue Reading


Leveraging the power of people, technology and information for better decisions

Meet Michel Scholte, Co-Founder and Director of External Affairs at True Price, driving change by helping organizations uncover and calculate social and environmental costs, in order to improve their decision-making. What is your vision of a sustainable world? Sustainability is… Continue Reading