Brands as activists for a better world

eBook coverThe book I co-authored is out! Thanks to all the people who sent in great cases – and supported me otherwise to see this project through.

So what is it all about?

An invitation: Dare to Care

Do you think of activism as something that can attack and weaken a brand? It doesn’t have to be: Activists Dare to Care is an ebook all about using the power of thinking and acting like an activist to build your brand and turn it into a powerful catalyst for change.

Activists have much to teach marketers

Like many brands, they have a point of view. But successful activists excel by having a point of action. Today, people expect more from brands. If brands want to stay attuned to the people they serve, they will need to “do” more and not just “be” more.

The first part of the book highlights three vital behaviours that set successful activists apart that can also serve marketers well in our efforts to build purpose brands:

  1. Fight for what matters
  2. Stage our better world
  3. Engage us for action.

The core of the book provides a compass for activists to explore the better world that people want to create, enabling marketers to pick a fight that resonates with the people their brand serves. Eight types of activist emerge from the compass; these are introduced in the context of the three vital behaviors, with examples of people and brands that embody the different kind of activism.

The power of play

After meeting the activists, it’s time to play! The ebook includes a link to a set
of cards that you can print for use in several different games to unleash your inner
activist. Playing the games will help you leverage thinking and acting like an activist to drive your brand and social change in tandem.

The book is inspired by innate motion’s activist game, which we have used in workshops around the world; we’ve been inspired by the outcomes of the projects, both in terms of refining the purpose of brands and in building strong teams dedicated to creating change through that redefined purpose.

Big thanks to my co-author Christophe Fauconnier, the designer Annie Skovgaard Christiansen and the editor Lucy Goodchild van Hilten. Please let me know what you think of the book and the games! You can access them via this link.

This post first appeared on LinkedIn. Written by Marjolein Baghuis @mbaghuis


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